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Feb 8, 2014 No Comments ›› Re-Elect Brian Sloan

dreamstime_s_10209160Earlier this week, Hall County School Superintendent, Will Schofield, made an incredible speech at a local Republican event in South Hall. In addition to him as the main speaker, they graciously invited all of the candidates for the Hall County Board of Education to come. We were all given just a couple of minutes to speak, and we crammed as much info as we could in our two minutes.

However, Superintendent Schofield spoke for 45 minutes or so including questions at the end. He gave one of the most thorough, well thought out, accurate and motivating speeches about what Hall County Schools have accomplished through the last few years of this tough economy. Obviously he mentioned the 11 charter schools and 11 other schools of choice that we now have to offer students who want something different that what the school inside their district offers.

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He talked of the need to teach students 21st century skills that prepare them for the current workforce and ways our Hall County team of educators is doing that so well. With the facts he spoke of, he held the attention of that crowd as few people can do. And as the audience learned what the Hall County School District had accomplished, and how we had thrived even through unfortunate state cuts which required pay cuts that our teachers did not deserve, the positive accomplishments of the great educators in the Hall County School District still took center stage. So, I began to think . Some of you may think that is dangerous……:)

As Will took questions from the audience, they were saying things like “I love what you all are doing” and similar comments. The atmosphere in the room was so positive and supportive, except perhaps from the challengers. As the comments and the conversation about Hall County Schools were overwhelmingly positive in that room, I couldn’t help but wonder.  “Why would we want to change the personnel of a Board that is successfully governing an innovative, cutting edge, and fiscally responsible school system such as Hall County.”

With great men like Coach Bill Thompson, Sam Chapman, Craig Herrington, Nath Morris, (and I’m not gong to call myself great, but I believe I have served faithfully), it doesn’t seem to make very much sense that we would change horses in midstream when we have what is known to be one of the best functioning boards anywhere around us. 

No, I have nothing bad to say about the other candidates. They want a position on the board. I can understand that. But, with the time it would take to get them to get up to speed with school governance policies and with a solid, united, and experienced board in place, why make a change?

Just my thoughts. The decision is with the voters.

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