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borad of edI want to truly thank my colleagues on the Hall County Board of Education for standing together and not hesitating in the least to vote for the motion that I made last Monday to restore the full school calendar to 180 and 190 schools days for students and teachers. I’m quite sure that one of them would have pushed the motion through had I not done it.

Hall County students and teachers have endured way too many furlough days and pay cuts. We recognize that these affect families. I want to share a portion of what I said before the motion. I don’t have the exact transcript, but here is primarily what I said with a couple of additions.

(A local board of education member is not like a national politician, or even a state level politician. Especially on a national level, our lawmakers can make decisions and seldom have to look their constituents in the eye. When our board makes decisions, we have to look at the people in the eyes the next day. I know I have a prominent school principal that lives next door, a high school coach across the street, and other educators in my small neighborhood. I serve in a church with many educators that our board’s decisions affect.

When we look back at severe budget cuts, non renewals, and furlough days it is personal. To have to take days away from my great friends, relatives, even my dad, has been extremely difficult. I have seen my colleagues sit in the board room after cutting everything we thought we feasible could, and seeing the looks on their faces as they were extremely troubled with the lack of money we had. And it is not from mismanagement. Our Superintendent and Staff have been diligent in management and fiscally responsible. Our problem has been from massive state cuts and the falling of the local digest. But these times have been hard. I know my family has taken thousands of dollars of pay cuts in the past year or two and we are still trying to recover.

But Hall County will rise and continue to thrive as a community. The “can do” spirit of the educators of Hall County and Hall County citizens in general is a great credit to this area and a great reason to live here. We look forward to great times together in the future and support from you as we have many issues to confront now and in the near future.

So, I gladly moved to reinstate the full calendar year for the Hall County School District, and hopefully at some point we can get the money to restore salaries to what they should be).

Thanks so much for your support.

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Brian Sloan

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