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Brian went through 12 years of Hall County Schools and graduated from Johnson High School in 1976. He attended North Georgia University and graduated in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science in Education K-12. Although Brian went in the church music ministry, many times he had the feeling that he would end up back in education somehow. And that happened with his election in 2006.

Brian Sloan has served on the Hall County Board of Education since 2007. He has been passionate about school choice, school safety, character building in athletics and many other topics. Since his first election he has made it his goal to be available to parents, educators, or students who need him.

However, primarily his job as one of oversight, support and accountability to the Superintendent of Schools, Will Schofield, with whom he has an excellent relationship. Brian has proven to be easy to work with, however his colleagues will tell you that he does not back down on his convictions.

Brian lives in Flowery Branch with the most important people in his life; his wife, Annette, son, Brandon, daughters, Caitlin and Karis. He has served as Pastor of Worship at Chestnut Mountain Church in Chestnut Mountain, GA for 15 years.

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