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Mar 3, 2014 4 Comments ›› Re-Elect Brian Sloan

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photo-trust-honesty-respect-words-collage-isolated-text-vintage-letterpress-wood-type-printing-blocks-image31489445For those of you who do not know Brian as many of us do, we thought we would give you some reasons to be on his team in his quest for re-election to the Hall County Board of Education.

Brian is a lifelong Hall County resident. He has invested his life into this community. He went through 12 years of school in Hall County, graduated from Johnson High, then went on to get his degree in Education at the University of North Georgia, as it is called now.

As his Education degree focused on music, and he was known to be a local singer and guitar player in a local Christian Band, he was offered a job at New Bethany Church in Buford and has served in several churches since then. Most recently, he has just completed his fifteenth year of employment as the Pastor of Worship at Chestnut Mountain Church.

Brian is 55 years old has been married to Annette Rogers Sloan for 25 years. He has demonstrated a life of character, integrity, and commitment to the Judeo-Christian values that are heavily represented in this county by most of its voters.

Brian has been in leader in his ministerial life locally, and has trained many worship leaders in the former Soviet Union with Five trips abroad to work with young Christian musicians.

In 2006, he had a compelling thought from which he could not escape – that he should serve on the Hall County Board of Education. After much counsel from friends, relatives, and governmental leaders, he decided it was the right thing to do to run. He faced a fine opponent in his first race, but won with a substantial margin. In 2010 he had no opposition.

In his time on the Board, Brian has big a strong advocate for school choice. His belief that public schools should allow more choices for students and parents worked very well with the ideas and vision of Superintendent Will Schofield. Just a few years ago a student virtually had no alternative other than go to the school in the attendance zone where they lived. The choice was take it or leave it. And some people left it, opting to go to another school system entirely.

However, with this team of great teachers, principals, administrators, combined with the oversight of the School Board, Hall County now has 22 out of its 33 Schools that are schools of choice. 11 are Charter schools and 11 others are schools of choice. Each one of those schools can take students from outside their attendance zone if they have room. If re-elected Brian will push for even greater areas of choice in our schools.

Brian’s first venture into a political campaign was in 1994 when he served as the campaign manager for Casey Cagle in his first State Senate run as the unknown team defeated the incumbent Democrat in an upset win. He remains friends with Casey who obviously is now Lt. Governor, Casey Cagle. The Lt. Governor has endorsed Brian, is proud of Hall County Schools, and feels very strongly that Brian should stay in his current post on the Board of Education.

Brian has a passion for school safety. With the horrible tragedy of school shootings, Brian leads in the goal to make our schools as safe as possible. When the severe state budget cuts came and the local school district budget had to be drastically cut, Brian stood alone and fought to keep the highest number of School Resource officers in our schools as was possible. For his efforts he received a personal call from then Sheriff, Steve Cronic, to thank him for standing in the gap for school safety.

And more recently Hall County won the National Safe Schools Leadership Award from the National Association of School Resource Officers. Only one school district in the country wins this prestigious award and for 2013 it was Hall County. So you can count on Brian to be a strong advocate for school safety.

In Brian’s first campaign 8 years ago, his tagline was “Leadership, Vision, and Values.” He kept that tagline for this campaign although truthfully we should add another word…Experience. As of now, he has no competitor who has the experience in the trenches governing and making the hard decisions as he has had to make. One of his opponents has educational experience, but that is a far cry from governing experience. There is a monumental difference in thought processes going from a leader in a particular school to governing an entire school system. You should hear Brian’s friend and fellow board member, Bill Thompson, talk about that topic.

The young 21 year old candidate who is making a lot of noise in the race has been in politics probably since he was in middle school, and has been to so many republican meetings you probably couldn’t count them. That certainly isn’t a bad thing nor is he a bad kid. He has served on several political campaigns and those are very worthy accomplishments as well. However, campaign experience from a 21 year old does not compare to the seasoned governing experience that Brian has. The young candidate will be supported by quite a few members of the local clubs because of his membership and attendance.  The young man of 21 has learned about politics and how to campaign and he loves politics. But this race is not about politics or someone’s political future.

It’s about the future of the students of Hall County. Students who have one of the most respected School Boards in the state. These are five Christian men of high integrity who have successfully navigated Hall County Schools through one of the most trying periods of time in the history of Hall County Schools. And in the process, they helped make the Hall County School District the envy of many educators outside of our system.

Our Committee simply questions why we would want to make a change when we have successful leadership already in place. We encourage you to get on Brian’s team. Click here to sign up to get on his email/video update list and hear from him yourself.

Thank you,

Committee To Elect Brian Sloan




  1. Chris says:

    Hi Brian. Just curious if Traci has dropped out of the race and I missed it or something. I keep seeing you point out the 21yr old kid but never Mrs. McBride. Good luck thanks Chris

    • Re-Elect Brian Sloan says:

      No, Traci hasn’t dropped out, but she and I have mutual respect for each other. She is running an issues based, clean race and I don’t have to fight off false attacks from her as I do the other candidate. That’s pretty much it.

  2. Scot Russell says:

    What is your stance on Common Core?

    • Re-Elect Brian Sloan says:

      Sorry that I somehow missed your question. I am firmly against common core and will strongly encourage our state legislators to take action to remove us from it in the next session.


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